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Requirement to report DEA numbers to DPS

SB 594 effective 9/1/2011
Amends Controlled Substances Act, §§481.061, 481.075, and 481.076, Health & Safety Code.
Amends MPA, §157.059, Occ. Code.
Please be aware of the following changes to the Controlled Substances Act and Medical Practice Act:

1. Requires prescribers currently holding a DEA# to report that number to the DPS on October 15, 2011.
2. Prescribers who obtain a DEA # after that date must report that number to DPS within 45 days of receiving their DPS #.
3. Removes the requirement to identify the practitioner’s DPS # on the prescription. Only the DEA # will be required.
4. Adds the Board of Nursing as an agency with which DPS is required to share information. Otherwise, information provided by registrants to DPS remains confidential.

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