2022 TAPA Scholarship Information

Before proceeding, review the following eligibility checklist. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

          [ ] Current TAPA student member?
          [ ] Currently attending an accredited Texas PA program?
          [ ] Able to submit one set of PA Program transcripts?

Applications will be reviewed and judged on:
          1. Academic record
          2. Community, leadership, and scholarly activities
          3. Future goals as a physician assistant
          4. Applicant evaluation

All parts of the application must be received by January 21, 2012.

Winner will be announced at the annual business meeting held at the CME meeting in Plano, Texas, February 10-13, 2022.


We are only accepting electronic submissions this year. 

Electronic Submission Instructions

  1. Please complete Scholarship Part 1 & 2 thoroughly. You will be asked to upload your transcripts. You must request a copy of your most recent transcript from your PA program.  Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.
  2. Send the Scholarship Part 3 Evaluation link to a mentor, physician assistant, program faculty, physician, or other person who is familiar with your accomplishments, community activities, and future goals as a physician assistant.  They will fill out the form and submit it to TAPA.
  3. Finally, send the Scholarship Part 4 - PA Program Director Verification link to your PA program director or their designee.  They will fill out the form and submit it to TAPA.