Texas PA Board License Issuance Dates

FY17 and FY18 Physician Assistant License Issuance Dates

On March 24, 2017 the Texas Physician Assistant Board authorized monthly staff issuance of permanent Physician Assistant licenses. Below is a list of the licensing dates for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018. Please refer to the important information below regarding an applicant’s eligibility to be included in a scheduled licensing date.  

* IMPORTANT - In order for an applicant to eligible for issuance of a permanent license your application must have been determined complete in every detail by your assigned licensing analyst prior to the deadlines noted below. Completion of the screening stage of the application process does not mean your file is considered complete and you are eligible for issuance of a temporary or permanent license. Your licensing analyst will advise you via e-mail if additional documentation will be required once they complete the detailed review of your application documentation. You will also be notified once your file is complete and when you will be issued your permanent license. For more information on the application process and processing timelines please visit the Physician Assistant General Information page.

A temporary license can still be issued once your assigned analyst has determined your file is complete and scheduled you for issuance of your permanent license. Information on the temporary license can be found here.

 Licensing Date          

Date File Must be Completed to be Licensed



































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State Delegations & Regulations

Please note that the Texas PA Board is the licensing body for the state of Texas.  If you have specific questions in regards to your Texas license, please contact the Texas PA Board. 

**Letter to TAPA from TMB regarding license processing issues. 

Various legal documents related to practicing as a PA in Texas.

Information from the Texas Medical Board  -  www.tmb.state.tx.us
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    Frequently Asked Questions - Texas licensure
    Texas Licensure Fees
    Register for your Texas license online
    PA License Extra Forms
    Board Rules (Standing Delegation Orders are in Chapter 185)
    Contact the TMB

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