TAPA Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

Professional Responsibility
Do you ever wonder how the laws we practice by are made? One of the reasons to join TAPA is to be involved in the law making process. As a TAPA member you can voice your views and opinions of what Texas PAs need to practice effectively and bring quality health care to Texans.

Advocacy of Texas PAs
Do you ever think that physician assistants should take a stand on a law or an issue that affects your scope of practice or your patient population? TAPA meets with lawmakers to discuss political issues affecting our patients and our scope of practice. By being a TAPA member you can help do this very thing. Grass root advocacy efforts make a huge difference in how PAs provide health care everyday.

We all have to have it to renew our state license every year. TAPA offers two CME conferences a year that help you fulfill the necessary requirements to keep your license. You can check the TAPA website to see what upcoming cities are hosting conferences each year. As a member you also get discounts to the all TAPA sponsored CME conferences. By joining TAPA, your savings will outweigh the cost of your membership each year.

Social Networking
Want to meet other Texas PAs? Attend a TAPA sponsored function or conference and meet other PAs across the state, meet PAs in your same specialty and compare notes.

Online Networking
Don’t have the opportunity to attend functions or conferences? Try our new Facebook or twitter accounts to interact with TAPA and PAs across the state!

Career Center
As a TAPA member you can use our online career center to post your resume and look for PA positions across Texas.

Leadership Opportunities
Want to be more than just a PA that sees patients? Want to speak for the profession? Get involved with TAPA and take on a leadership position. Speak for the profession and represent PAs all across the state. As a TAPA member, you can vote in elections every year for new leaders or run for office yourself.

Get Involved!
Maybe you are not interested in running for office or leading the academy. Maybe you are interested in just becoming involved , well, yet another reason to join TAPA. TAPA offers a variety of committees to serve in as a committee member. There is truly something for everyone.

Have Fun!
Last but not least, join TAPA to have fun! Once you get a large group of PAs together there’s no telling what might happen. Who knows… maybe a large all out karaoke competition?

Join TAPA today!