Texas Academy of Physician Assistants
Annual Student Challenge Bowl Rules

The Texas Academy of Physician Assistant’s Student Challenge Bowl occurs annually at the Spring CME conference.

1.    Participants
     a.    All participants of the Student Challenge Bowl must meet all of the following criteria:
          i.    Current student at a Texas Physician Assistant program (BCM, IPAP, TTUHSC, UTHSCSA, UNT, UTMB, UTRGV, UTSW)
          ii.    Active Student Member of TAPA
          iii.    Registered attendee at Spring CME conference
     b.    All registered attendees of the Annual CME conference are invited to attend and spectate.

2.    Teams
     a.    A total of 27 teams total may participant in the Annual Challenge Bowl
     b.    Each of the 8 Texas PA programs may enroll 3 teams initially for a total of 27 teams
          i.    Each team must submit an original name
          ii.    Teams must contain 3 members of the same PA program although those members may be different years in their PA program
          iii.    No one or two person teams allowed
     c.    The remaining spots after each school fills or forfeits (if unable to provide 3 teams) will be filled one per program in order of registration until 27 team spots are filled.

3.    Judges
     a.    3 judges, appointed by TAPA’s President and/or the SAC chair, will serve on a panel of judges
     b.    The judging panel’s duty is to rule on any answer that is not the exact answer sought in the questions bank.
     c.    The judging panel’s determination is final
     d.    No questions/answers or judge’s determinations are open to challenges

4.    Structure
     a.    The Challenge Bowl is a ‘knock out’ style tournament
     b.    During each round, 3 teams will face each other at a time in a ‘bracket’. The winner of that bracket will move on to the next round .
          i.    Round 1: 27 teams (9 brackets)
          ii.    Round 2: 9 teams (3 brackets)
          iii.    Round 3: 3 teams (final bracket)
          iv.    One winner
      c.    Each bracket in Round 1 & 2 will contain 8 questions; Round 3 will contain 10 questions.
          i.    In the event of a tie, 1 additional question will be asked to break the tie between the tied team.  The winning team advances by either answering the questions correctly   OR the opposing team answering incorrectly.
          ii.    If the questions is not answered, additional questions will be asked of the tied teams until the tie is broken

5.    Questions
     a.    All questions and answers for the Challenge Bowl are compiled at the discretion of the Student Affairs Committee Chair and/or those appointed by the SAC chair
     b.    Each question will be phrased to seek one unequivocal answer
     c.    If the answer provided is not the exact answer sought in the question bank, the event emcee will yield to the determination of the judging panel to provide a final ruling.

6.    Asking & Answering Questions
     a.    The buzzer device of each team will be tested at the start of each bracket
     b.    To answer a question, the team must press the buzzer button, wait to be acknowledged by the emcee, and then answer the questions.
     c.    A team may buzz in at any point as a question is being read; when a team buzzes in, the emcee will immediately stop reading the question even if not read in its entirety and will acknowledge the team who will then answer the question
          i.    If the team that buzzes in mid question does not answer or answers incorrectly and no other team buzzes in, the emcee will continue reading the remainder of the question.
     d.    When a team buzzes to answer a question, they will have up to 5 seconds to confer as a team and provide an answer.
          i.    When the time-keeper announces “TIME” the team must immediately provide an answer.
          ii.    If the team does not answer, or answer incorrectly, the other teams will have up to 5 seconds to buzz in and up to 5 seconds to confer as a team and provide an answer as stated above.
          iii.    If no team buzzes in and/or two teams answer incorrectly, 5 seconds will be given before discarding the question and moving onto the next of the remaining 7 questions total per bracket.
          iv.    See 3c & 3d above regarding judging panel’s determination for answers other than those explicitly sought in the questions bank.

7.    Scoring
     a.    When a team answers a question, the initial answer provided is their final answer
     b.    A correct answer will earn the team one point
     c.    An incorrect answer will subtract one point from the team’s score
          i.    Teams may have negative scores
     d.    The scores will be kept on a live scoreboard, updated by a score keeper and monitored by the SAC chair
     e.    The team with the highest score at the end of the 7 question bracket, will advance to the next round
          i.    See 4c i & ii above regarding tie breakers

8.    Conduct
     a.    All participants and attendees of the Annual Student Challenge Bowl must conduct themselves in a collegial and respectful manner at all times.
     b.    Anyone not abiding by the rules above may be asked to leave by the SAC chair or any member of TAPA’s Board.

If you are interested in having a team, please contact your student TAPA Board member.